TRANSFORMING ADAPTION. Multidisciplinary Performance Project

with Alessandro Marzotto

08.–12.08.22, 14:00–17:30
15.–19.08.22, 14:00–17:30

Showing: Saturday, August 20th

Open to dancers, performers and composers

Fee: 200€ (Registration via


Alessandro Marzotto Levy is coming back to Berlin to direct his second performance project open to all movers with any kind of experience, body and background movement. The project will be based on the theme of change, transformation and adaptability. Alessandro always brings in the studio elements of socio-political awareness, activism and queer rebellion still allowing the impulses that emerge in the studio to be vital to the creation.

Creating something collaboratively and in an inclusive environment is always Alessandro’s aim, therefore this time he would like to invite other forms of art into the process. To maintain clarity and structure Alessandro will lead the creation and keep himself as a reference point for the participants who will have the chance to lead and have authorship in the creation.

Alessandro Marzotto is a freelance dancer, teacher and choreographer who is in love with the act of composition. His focus is directed to the immediate experience of the people whom he is working with. Tired of the toxicity of the dance world Alessandro still hopes for creative processes in which the artist is not a tool but a medium to get somewhere relevant, somewhat elevated.