PHYSICAL SOUND – Performanceprojekt

with Enrico Paglialunga

07.08. – 11.08.2023, 18:00–21:00

Workshop fee:
Marameo members: 20% discount on all workshops (early bird & regular fee!)
Non-members: 165€, Early Bird 150€ (until July 7th 2023)

Level The project is open to dancers, students and movers who are eager to open their practice to new methods of collaborating and creating.

Performanceprojekt Beschreibung

Physical Sound is a performance project by choreographer-teacher Enrico Paglialunga and sound engineer-composer Giacomo Mattogno. An opportunity to deeply explore the relationship that arises from the encounter between movement and electronic sound in a shared exploratory space. Music and dance are closely related; they share time-based form and form as a result of movement. In dance, movements are articulated through the actions and presence of bodies in physical space. In music, movements are of an auditory and metaphorical nature. Music actually conceals a continuous and incessant ‚dance‘ of sound particles not visible to the human eye. In physics, sound is in fact the vibration of an infinite number of particles that collide with each other and propagate as an acoustic wave. With the support of electronic and organic music by Giacomo Mattogno, the physics of sound will be the theoretical basis for experimenting with different dynamics and qualities of movement inspired by the 3 types of sound (longitudinal waves, mechanical waves, and pressure waves) and the fundamental properties of sound. The sound inspires movement in the dancers’ bodies, and the body creates the impulse for sound-making (and silence-making) in the musicians. We invite you to deeply understand music and acquire new tools to learn not only to listen to it but also to ‘observe’ it before dancing to it. You will have the opportunity to implement improvisation skills, refine musicality and get more confident bringing improvisation into performing while sharing the space with several dancing bodies. We will alternate choreographic sequences with improvisation, and gradually define a shared group language in a continuous dialogue with the musician, aiming to establish a retractable choreographic and musical structure.

Über Enrico Paglialunga

Enrico Paglialunga is an Italian choreographer and teacher of contemporary dance. Since 2016 he conceives/directs and choreographs theater and film productions, such as the SkyTV series Babylon Berlin, the interactive dance film ‘afterME’ and the Musical Production ‘Prinz von Preußen’ at Ght-Theater Görlitz. His works have been selected and shown internationally in Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Italy, Spain and Jordan. He is a guest teacher in numerous dance centers and academies in Europe such as National Dance Academy Rome, Tanzhaus Zürich, Marameo Berlin, Ght-Theater, Landesbühnen Sachsen, Tanzfabrik Berlin, Die Etage Berlin and Iwanson Contemporary School. From 2019 to 2023 his work has received grants from the Dachverband Tanz, Neustart Kultur and Fonds für Darstellende Künste.

In 2018 he co-founded InCapsula with Giacomo Mattogno: Italian composer, musician and producer in the field of contemporary/electronic music with a background in sound engineering and use of music associated with the visual at the St Louis Academy in Rome. Since 2019 Giacomo has been collaborating and creating original music in several dance productions in Germany and Switzerland.

InCapsula is the ’site‘ of multidisciplinary encounters between dance and music in collaboration with artists from the field of visual and multimedia arts. Enrico and InCapsula works have been performed at Accademia Nazionale Danza (IT), TanzHaus Zürich (CH), AckerStadtPalast (DE), StaatsTheater Görlitz (DE), Idea Festival & National Fine Arts Gallery Amman (JO), Lacuna Festival Lanzarote (ES), Festival Canario Dentro y Fuera (ES), Fusion festival (DE), At. tension Festival (DE), Ada Studio Berlin (DE), Tanzfabrik Berlin (DE), TenDance Festival (IT), DanzaUrbana (IT), Bonsai Festival (IT), Nao performing festival (IT),Twain Festival Direzioni Altre (IT) and many others.