Performance Project with Cristiana Casadio

03., 10., 17., 24.09.22, 15:00–18:30
08., 15.10.22, 15:00–18:30

Performance: Saturday, 22nd October 2022

Fee: 120€

Registration via workshops@marameo.de

Level: Intermediate/ Advanced


there’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in – Leonard Cohen

In this performance project we will oscillate between the ideas of agility and fragility, taking them as a frame in which we play and explore.
Agility is the ability to move quick and easily, but also the flexibility of thoughts and feelings, which allows a quick adaptation to changes.
Fragility is the quality of being easily broken or damaged. Fragility is vulnerability. Fragility can be something very precious.
Embodying these qualities we will research concretely and emotionally their different meanings and possible relations.
We will use given phrases as a base, to build a common vocabulary of movements. Then we will transform them, develop in more individual material, letting them expand in different directions, personal interpretations and different constellations. As a dough, the material will be modelled and flavoured, using improvisational tasks.
We will stay playful and awake, trying to catch the happenings, which are escaping the intentionality of the participants. What appears and gets revealed during the process goes beyond the awareness of the creators…

About Cristiana Casadio

After a professional rhythmic gymnastics career, Cristiana continued the study of ballet and contemporary dance. She was selected to join as a trainee with the Aterballetto Company, directed by Mauro Bigonzetti, and received several scholarships (eg. at the Merce Cunningham Studio and the Peridance Center, in New York).

She joined the Botega Dance Company (IT), J.K.Tyl Theater Pilsen (CZ), and for nine years, Balletto dell’Esperia (Turin, IT), in which she danced principal roles. She danced pieces by Enzo Celli, Michele Pogliani, Bronislav Rosnos, Alena Peskova, Libor Vaculìk, Inmacolada Rubio, Hervè Costa, Eugenio Scigliano, Laura Corradi, Paolo Mohovich, among others. 
Since 2010, Cristiana has been based in Berlin, taking part in different productions and projects. As a dancer and a choreographer, she presents her works in international theaters and festivals. Her piece “Tangram” (in collaboration with Stefan Sing), has been nominated for the “Total Theatre Award” at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and won the first prize for performing arts at the “Internationale Kulturbörse Freiburg”. Recently she worked as a dancer and choreographer for the Berliner Ensemble, in the piece “Menschen, Orte und Dinge”.