STUDIO TO STAGE. Performance Project – WARTELISTE (ausgebucht)

with Heidi Weiss

08.–12.08.22, 18:00–21:30

Showing: Saturday, August 20th

Intermediate/ Advanced

Fee: 200€ (Registration via


In this two week performance project you will be lead by teacher/ choreographer Heidi Weiss in a fun and inspiring exploration of movement and composition.

Working in the weiss-mann style there will be given phrases of material that will be used for the creation as well as improvisational scores that will allow the participants to get in touch with their unique movement qualities. Solos/duos/trios are created from building sequences up or breaking them down to more minimal elements. This whole process will be guided in the spirit of play, as the group discovers how choices can take form, and then come to life in a game of connecting the dots.
The choreography will evolve and grow throughout the two weeks of intensive rehearsals, weaving a message or theme into the piece – which we will arrive at together in the process through writing tasks and improvisation assignments. The culmination of our findings will become a short 10-15 minute piece that will be presented in a studio performance, as well as a possible second show in a theater in the Fall.
This workshop is suitable for intermediate/ advanced dancers. Prior experience in Heidi´s classes is a plus! But mostly curiosity, an open mind and an eagerness to move is welcomed!

Heidi Weiss is a dancer, choreogra­pher and teacher living and working in Germany since 1996. She has taught throughout the EU and also in the USA and Asia. She works together with Jennifer Mann. They have created numerous works since 1997. (weiss-mann productions). Heidi holds a BFA from University of Arts in Philadelphia (USA).