DEFINED FLOW – diving deep into weiss-mann technique

with Heidi Weiss and Jennifer Mann

12.–16.07.21, 18:00–20:30

Intermediate/ Advanced

Fee: 120€ / 100€ (Early Bird until June 21st)


About the workshop

This workshop dives deep into a well rounded dance experience that addresses all aspects of the dancing artist; physically, mentally, emotionally, creatively and spiritually. We will give attention to these many facets of being while gradually blending them into a skillful, harmonious whole. The main components of the workshop consist of a short yoga practice to ground and center, followed by a technical class in the weiss-mann style. Throughout the week, we will change up the last portion of the day. Some variations that could arise are playing and delving deeper into choreography/ repertoire, exploring improvisation with the weiss-mann qualities or creating short compositions alone or in groups. From it’s inherent roots in modern dance, weiss-mann technique offers the dancer technical challenges, and encourages finding an organic, defined flow in which the body can move uninhibited through space.

Jennifer and Heidi are experienced teachers who have been dedicated to contemporary dance for over 25 years. Offering their explosive energy and passion for moving, they are both well known in the Berlin scene and internationally for their inspirational and motivational style of teaching. Skillfully and whilst creating a positive atmosphere, helping dancers to transcend their comfort zones.


About Jennifer Mann and Heidi Weiss

Heidi Weiss and Jennifer Mann studied together at Philadelphia´s University of the Arts, where they earned a BFA in modern dance. They have been living in Europe for over 25 years, creating and teaching. In 1997, they founded the Zen in the Basement company, and created many works which were performed in Europe and abroad. Through their creative work and developing their choreographic language, Heidi and Jennifer began to develop and codify exercises for teaching. The weiss-mann style is influenced by their combined experiences in yoga and in contemporary dance, as well as their shared education in modern dance. These roots combined with the musicality of their technique, distinguises the weiss-mann technique as a defined flow. Heidi and Jennifer are certified leaders of the Group Motion workshop. Jennifer is also a certified yoga instructor, teaching throughout EU in festivals and workshops. Both Heidi and Jennifer travel extensively, sharing their knowledge of and passion for dance.

Photo Credit: Alexander TjinGwan Hess