with Amanda Donato

14.08. – 18.08.2023, 19:45–21:15

Workshop fee:
Marameo members: 20% discount on all workshops (early bird & regular fee!)
Non-members: 60€ full week, drop-in 13€

Level Beginners


This workshop focuses on building a well-rounded understanding of contemporary dance choreography. Dialogue between teacher and student will be at the forefront – making for an open, communicative and engaging experience. Classes will always begin with a warm-up intended to refine alignment, flexibility, strength and breath. Exercises will introduce foundational classical positions and movements for safe weight transferring. Some task-based improvisation will be used to connect to personal expression and expand movement range. All classes will culminate toward a piece of rhythmic choreography that is both challenging and enjoyable.

Über Amanda Donato

Amanda Donato teaches an engaging and structured Contemporary Dance class with a strong emphasis on bodily awareness, transitions through space, and musicality. The class begins with a thorough warm-up in the center and continues into exercises to prime the body for dynamic choreography. The main portion of the class is usually dedicated to a combination that works to challenge cognitive efficiency, rhythm, and artistic agency. Amanda’s choreography involves grounded/technical transitions, groove, and floorwork. Her classes are geared to reinforcing versatility, intelligence, and refreshing performance qualities.