Pablo Sansalvador

Ballet for Dancers

 02., 04., 06.11.20, 14:00–15:30

Training for Dancers


Pablo Sansalvador was born in New Zealand and is half Spanish. Originally graduating with a scholarship from Rambert School in London, Sansalvador has performed with companies, choreographers and projects in Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, United Kingdom, Spain and South Africa. He completed a ‘Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Design and Innovation ,with First-class Honours’ from the Open University in the UK and was awarded a Masters Degree in Product Design from the Superior Design School in Barcelona. Sansalvador’s creations include commissions for site specific works, indoor and outdoor installations and choreographic dance pieces for theatres and museums. With his eclectic knowledge in performance, human centred design thinking and proven track record of collaboration he co-founded the non-profit artistic collective Moving Rhizomes e.V. He is a passionate teacher and has taught class’ and workshops to Sydney Dance Company, Theater St Gallen, Theater Ulm, Theater Pforzheim, and Rambert School among others.


Sansalvador’s class for professionals has an organic and dynamic approach. The aim is to warm up the dancer gently, while aiming to increase strength, co-ordination and range of movement through musicality. He has an energetic and charismatic approach that encourages the dancer to strive for constant self-confidence and refinement.