Jos Baker

Contemporary for Dancers

23.05. – 27.05.2022, 12:00–13:30

Training for Dancers


Jos Baker is a choreographer, dancer, teacher, and founder of Trodden Dreams. He started his dance training at the age of 7 with Oxford Youth Dance and then continued his formal education first at The Laban Center London and then at PARTS [Performing Arts Research and Training Studios] in Brussels. From 2008 to 2014, Jos worked for Peeping Tom as a dancer, actor and collaborator, principally with the productions 32 Rue Vandenbranden [2009], and A Louer [2011]. Since then he worked briefly for DV8 Physical Theatre on the production of John [2014]. Jos’ choreographic work includes Put Out the Flame [2019-20] and The Smallest Little Thing [2019] commissioned by The Hong Kong Arts Festival. His solo work includes Know it all [2019], Of no fixed abode [2017] Creature Man Don’Tell Me [2008]. We were youth [2016], Afla [2008], Feedback [2009], We were youth [2016]. Jos also directed and performed in Paris Fashion Week to promote Petit Bateau’s Cedric Charlier collection [2014] and has made numerous pieces with students in professional dance training. On film Jos made several music videos and short films; as a dancer and choreographic assistant to Damien Jalet for Anima [2019], a Thom Yorke project directed by Paul Thomas Andersson. He has also directed the short films The Hole [2021], Shift [2021] and Put Out the Flame [2021]. Other screen work includes; Forgot to live [2013] by Ay Wing, and Let it Roll [2016] by Mustard Gas and Roses directed by Koen Mortier, and Biegga savkala duoddariid duohken lea soames [2006] by Elle Sofe Henrikseni, and movement direction for Violet Hour [2020] by St Claire and directed by Tamsin Topolski. In addition to several commercials as both performer and movement director. He also teaches a wide range of classes and workshops for professional dancers and dance students.


Physicology classes put theory into action. Building from analysis of dance technique into application in increasingly challenging ways; using experimentation, improvisation and highly physical phrase material.
Over the last 12 years of teaching contemporary dance technique, Jos Baker has developed Physicology as a way to accelerate and improve dancers’ technical understanding. Based on the principal that by understanding and combining the diverse elements that underpin technique, we will increase our knowledge base and capacity for movement. The key elements that are relevant to the Physicology method are: anatomy, physics, psychology, musicality, spacial awareness, biomechanics, imagery, and acting and performance skills.
Through various experiments we will look at how these elements work and then how we can combine, align and simplify them, and apply this new understanding into movement. We will then progressively make the movement vocabulary more challenging, building on the established base. The concepts will be applied to movement, until we are dancing rich, complex and physically challenging dance material and phrases.