"ImproTime - Tatort Tanz" with  Stina Bartels

We embark on a search for new sources, act out emotions, respond to bodily stimuli and impulses that impel us into movement. This search combines principles of dance technique with movement contexts that expand our range of motion. This experiment will generate unique and personal movement, sequences and dance styles. Dynamics, energy and strength offer space for movement and dance. A variety of different musical styles and materials will provide support for improvisation. This will be a dance of inner and outer presence.

Dates in 2015 (Saturdays): 30.05. / 27.06. / 22.08. / 26.09. / 31.10. / 28.11. / 19.12.
Time: 18.00 - 20.30 h

Price: 20 EUR
Please note, you need to register in advance!


Das Fest der Liebe: Desire as a Tool for Performance with David Bloom

Dates: 28.12. - 30.12.2015, 15.00 – 18.00 h
Price: 60 Euro, reduced: 50 Euro
Preregistration per mail:

Workshop description: A dance consists of Bodies in Time and Space. Traditional dance training and artistic research often set limits as to how much sexuality is allowed into a serious artistic process. BDSM and tantric practices often focus on the body, its emotions and sensations, and pay less attention to structures of time and especially space. We will work with simple solo and group improvisation exercises that expand our consciousness to perceive temporal and spatial relations in a variety of ways. We will then deal with desire and erotic energy to generate material and work with these heightened states consciously as parts of a composition. We will work not only on actions, but also on the spaces between, observing and listening. We will negotiate scenes not only from personal taste, but also according to artistic and aesthetic criteria. The idea is not to constrict freedom and spontaneity, but to allow new possibilities to emerge through structure, that can eventually lead to another level of subtlety and beauty in our play. An expanded consciousness of how we perceive time and space can create an enhanced understanding of each other and the world we live and play in.

Biography: David Bloom was born in Heidelberg, Germany, to a family from New York, NY. Has been playing the piano professionally since he was 16 years old, including a brief stint at. the bar Marie's Crisis in New York. Received his dance training mainly at the Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Frankfurt, Germany. Also studied with William Forsythe, Kirstie Simson and Benoît Lachambre. Was a member of the dance ensemble at Staatstheater Darmstadt, and has collaborated on projects by Marco Santi, Michaël d'Auzon, Nir de Volff/Total Brutal, Micha Purucker, Ingo Reulecke, Canan Erek, Friederike Plafki, Felix Ruckert, and Tino Sehgal.

He has taught contemporary dance in a variety of contexts, and is also a graduate of Barbara Carellas Urban Tantra Professional Training Program. He has studied BDSM and Tantra with teachers such as Joseph Kramer, Felix Ruckert, Osada Steve & Midori. Since graduating from the M.A. Choreography at the Inter-University Center for Dance (HZT) Berlin, he has been focusing mainly on his own choreographic work, including Die Heilige und die Hure, a solo for Felix Ruckert, and enemy, an interactive sauna dance piece. He also regularly curated the Berlin play party/choreographic installation Friends & Lovers, which inspired a short film, Quintet, that premiered at the Porn Film Festival Berlin in October 2013. David is a recipient of a 2012 DanceWEB Scholarship and returned to the ImPulsTanz Festival in Vienna 2015 to teach the Sex & Space workshop.


Contemporary technique and choreographie with Michael Langeneckert

Dates: 28.12. - 30.12.2015, 18:30 - 20:00 h
Price for three days: 40 Euro
Preregistration per mail:

Class description: Michael is teaching a dynamic and organic class to the international technical standard. He has an extensive experience of more than 15 years teaching professional dancers. Throughout he developed his personal way of teaching. Inaki Azpillaga and Jozef Frucek are his main influencing teachers. His classes consist of Bodywork, floorwork(flying low), standing exercises, jumps and acrobatic elements, complex combinations encompassing the entire space. For this workshop he break the elements down into a medium level and simplify the phrases in order to work on movement quality. During the week we build a choreographic phrase where we collect the elements we are working on.

Bio Michael Langeneckert: since September 2015 full contract as rehearsal director at Tanz Mainz/Staatstheater Mainz under the artistic direction of Honne Dohrmann working freelance as choreographer, teacher and dancer in germany, austria, switzerland and hungary; teaching the contemporary class at theatre companies in germany in Kassel, Braunschweig, Giessen, Bielefeld, Bremen, Lüneburg, Heidelberg and open places at Marameo Berlin, K3 Hamburg, Tanzhaus NRW Düsseldorf and many others. Creating and producing free dance projects in Berlin, Kassel and Freiburg. Working as a guest choreographer for education projects, Musical and Play at theatre Kassel, Klagenfurt and Bielefeld.

2012-2015 rehearsaldirector at Staatstheater Kassel under the artistic direction of Johannes Wieland from 2008-2012, rehearsal director as guest at Staatstheater Oldenburg and Theater Luzern 2001-2008 working as dancer and rehearsal director with choreographers such as Club Guy and Roni, Jozef Frucek/Linda Kapetanea, Yossi Berg/Oded Graf, Stephanie Thiersch, Susanne Linke, Reinhild Hoffmann, Maggy Donlon, Phillip Blanchard, Martin Stiefermann, Cathy Sharp and many others working freelance as choreographer, dancer and teacher in Basel, Oldenburg, Berlin, Linz, Zürich, Luzern, Freiburg and many others 2001-2008.

Founding the company rebound prod together with the video artist Matthias Heipel in Freiburg and creating dance productions for E-Werk Freiburg, Theater Roxy Basel, Theaterhaus Stuttgart and others 2001-2006 engagements as dancer at theatre St. Gallen, Kiel, Kaiserslautern, Oldenburg, Tanzensemble Cathy Sharp Basel 1990-2006 study ballet and modern dance in Freiburg/Germany 1987-1990.