"ImproTime - Tatort Tanz" with  Stina Bartels

We embark on a search for new sources, act out emotions, respond to bodily stimuli and impulses that impel us into movement. This search combines principles of dance technique with movement contexts that expand our range of motion. This experiment will generate unique and personal movement, sequences and dance styles. Dynamics, energy and strength offer space for movement and dance. A variety of different musical styles and materials will provide support for improvisation. This will be a dance of inner and outer presence.

Dates in 2015 (Saturdays): 30.05. / 27.06. / 22.08. / 26.09. / 31.10. / 28.11. / 19.12.
Time: 18.00 - 20.30 h

Price: 20 EUR
Please note, you need to register in advance!


Contemporary Dance Workshop: TECHNIQUE ACOGNY + MORE II
by Aïda Colmenero Dïaz & Oktavia Zoë Vöhringer

Dates: Saturday, 25.04.2015 & Sunday, 26.04.2015, 15.00 - 19.00 h

Price: 55 €

Bios: Aïda Colmenero Dïaz is working as an actress, dancer, model, performer, choreographer, producer and teacher. She has been based between Africa and Spain since 2009. She has developed her educational project "Africa Danza Training Program" in Morocco, Senegal, Nigeria, Ghana, Cape Verde Islands, Tanzania, Guinea Conakry, Madagascar, Gabon; for dancers, actors, circus people, children and women in special situation. Aïda started her career in Cristina Rota Drama School, after she received her title in Contemporary Dance in the Real Conservatorio Profesional of Dance "Mariemma" of Madrid. She has always had a multidisciplinary approach, so she has worked different body and dance techniques: Contemporary, theater, Yoga, Taichi, Capoeira, Classical dance, technique "Río Abierto", Butoh, etc... In 2009 she was selected to participate in two international professional workshops: "Transmission of Pina Bausch´s technique" by Kiomy Ichida, in Action Dance, Morocco and "A New Step, Training in Traditional and Contemporary African Dance" in l'École des Sables, Senegal ". She is the only spanish person to obtained the diploma in Acogny technique by Germaine Acogny, at the École des Sables, Senegal. She has created the proyect LANLA with Ise Verstegen to expand the Acogny technique in a international level.

Oktavia Zoë Vöhringer is a freelance dancer, choreographer and teacher based in Berlin. She has been performing and teaching not only in Germany but also in Spain, Italy and Uruguay for the past five years. She received strong contemporary technique training from Madrid. She has worked with well known choreographers such as Daniel Abreu, Julyen Hamilton, Pedro Berdäyes, Myriam Agar, David Zambrano, Stella Zannou, Maya M. Carroll, Vicky Pérez, Ana Catalina Román, Juan Kruz Díaz de Esnaola and Antonio Ruz. Currently she is collaborating with artists like Danuta Karsten in Herne/Ruhrgebiet, Angela De Sando in Rome and Ana Aristimuño in Montevideo. In these performances Zoë is working on improvisation skills and realizes volatile choreographies inspired in the artistic work. In this context she also works a lot with live musicians. Zoë has taught dance in Berlin, Madrid and Montevideo. She taught children creative dance classes in Madrid and Berlin, as well as contemporary dance for teenagers and adults in Montevideo and Berlin. She recently is creating the project "Zoë meets...". It is a platform for regular workshop offers to an open public collaborating with artists coming from different artistic areas and techniques.

Workshop Description: "Dance" is "celebrating life"... Come explore how African dance meets Western Contemporary dance. In this workshop we will explore opening our minds and connecting our inner selves to our environment. We will experience 8 hours of dancing in "community". We start with warming up our spine to get warm our whole bodies. We will be guided through specific movement tasks, focusing attention on connection to our emotional state. This allows us to play with our own bodies and to be inspired by the interaction with the other participants. The live, rhythmic percussion that will be present during the whole workshop gives us a continuous base with which to stay connected, to share the "universal pulse". We will celebrate the moon, the sun, the stars, the animal we have inside, as well as the beauty of our own bodies. We will enjoy the energy that life gives us when we dance!

Further information and contact:
phone: 0049-1786535430