Floor Barre - (Barre à Terre) with Laurence Chaperon

Dates: every Thursday 8.30 a.m. – 09.30 a.m., small studio
Only by appointment!

Laurence Chaperon is a former ballet dancer in Paris and at the Staatsoper Bonn.
The "Floor Barre", also known as "Barre à Terre" is the ideal way of training the entire body and improving the body posture. All exercises are done in a sitting position and thereby convey a better feeling and understanding for a correct and healthy body posture.

The Group Motion Workshop

Date: Saturday, March 25th and July 1st 2017, from 20:00 - 22:00h
Price: 20€

Collective Dance Making in the Moment
A Creative Practice
The Group Motion Workshop is a two hour long, non stop guided process of dance/movement improvisation with live music. Based on structures and scores created and developed by Brigitta Herrmann and Manfred Fischbeck as an outgrowth of their work with the Group Motion Dance Company, this Workshop has been created and evolved since 1972. It is being conducted regularly every Friday night in Philadelphia for over forty years and has toured to festivals, dance centers, colleges and schools in the US and other countries such as Japan, Taiwan, Argentina, Germany, France, Poland, Lithuania, Cyprus, Bermuda and Barbados. This tradition is now being implemented and carried on by a Berlin based Group Motion WS Collective, whose members include performing artist and leading Group Motion Workshop facilitator and teacher (since 2010) Laina Fischbeck from Rennes, France, Berlin based teachers Jennifer Mann and Heidi Weiss, as well as musician/composer Geoffrey Armes, who will be leading an ensemble of musicians. No experience is required!!!

The Group Motion Workshop can be utilized as a creative practice on all levels of dance experience and all ages. It serves as a resource for creative and authentic expression through dance, music and movement and sound, transformation and healing. It offers a space for interactivity and communication which is spontaneous, deep and direct, allowing for new channels of creative potential to open. The Group Motion Workshop celebrates the language of movement as a language that anyone can speak and understand. In its most known format, the famous 'Friday Night Workshop', the overlap of dancers and non-dancers and of different ages ads a powerful dimension of mutual learning and exchange of movement information and body/mind/spirit integration. As one observing and participating dancer/choreographer remarked:"You realize how much movement dancers have trained out of their bodies ". The Workshop combines highly refined structures of improvisation, movement meditations, and contact dance with explorations of breath flow, sound, and movement qualities in an interactive exchange with live improvised acoustic and electronic music. These structures are practiced in ways of playing, discovering and experiencing individually and collectively the languages of movement and dance, sound and music. These structures reflect universal patterns of communication found in nature and the human psyche. They have the potential of tapping into archetypal images and visualizations from the collective subconscious rendering forms of spontaneously compositional and choreographic creation. The practice of these dances in the space of creative interaction with music in the moment creates a ritual space of building community. 

Yoga mit Rachell Clark

Thursday morning Yoga focuses on building strength and flexibility for an active body.
Each week’s class will focus on a specific area of research, ie: twists, folding, lengthening, opening etc. Class members will be guided through creative flowing sequence with challenging options for intermediate-level asanas, including arm balances and inversions.  Throughout the class we will work to link breath and movement to energizes the mind and body.
The class will allow you to find opening and space within the body through subtle extension and softness.
A variety of pose options are offered based on the needs of the class.

Level: intermediate

Class members are encouraged to take class at their own pace.  Variations of asana’s (postures) will be explained and guided throughout the practice. Make sure you bring socks, and warm active clothing!

Bio: Rachell Clark is a Berlin based Dance Artist and teacher.  She studied dance at The Victorian College of the Arts (Melbourne University) in Melbourne Australia, gaining training in contemporary dance, ballet and a variety of somatic body practices such as kinesiology and feldenkrais technique. 
Rachell’s interest in Yoga came from a search to find a practice that richly supplements the dancing body.  She completed her Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga training at Samyak Yoga in Kovalam India and continues to rigorously practice and educate herself.   The combination of both dance and yoga has brought Rachell to a deeper understanding of movement and functionalities of the body.  The practice of yoga allows one to focus inwardly and is a way to center and connect the body, breath and mind

Wiliam Forsythe Repertoire Workshop

27.5. & 28.5.
15.00 - 18.30h
Price: Early bird until 19.5.: 60 Euro
from 20.5.: 75 Euro
Registration with short CV:
Number of participants is limited

in this workshop we will have a close look at some of the basic and significant elements present in the pieces of William Forsythe. 
We will learn some material of his repertoire to become conscious of the relation between those elements and the choreography.
The ame is to experiment and become more familiar with the way of working of William Forsythe to create movement.

Bio: Amancio Gonzalez, born in Spain, studied dance with Ion Beitia in Las Arenas, Spain and in the Centre de danse International Rossella Hightower in Cannes. 
As a dancer, worked with Jeune Ballet International de Cannes, directed by Edward Cook. Scottish Ballet, under the direction of Galina Samsova. NAPAC dance Company, with Garry Trinder. De Rotterdamse Dansgroep, directed by Käthy Gosschalk. REFLEX Dance Company, with Patrizia Van Roesel. Scapino Ballet Rotterdam, under the direction of Ed Wubbe, with Frankfurt Ballett and The Forsythe Company, under the direction of William Forsythe and at present with Dance On ensemble in Berlin under the direction of Christopher Roman. 
Diplomed Ballet Master and Repettiteur, works as guest ballet teacher in Ballett Frankfurt, The Forsythe Company, Ballet National de Marseille, Ballet Preljocaj, Basler Ballet, Cullberg Ballet, Gottebörg Danscompani, Skanes Dansteater, Danish Dance Theater, Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch, Hubbard Street Dance Company, Norrdans, Joffrey Ballet, Alvin Ailey... 
Invited to give Forsythe improvisation and repertoire workshops in Ballet National de Marseille, Ecole National Superieur de Danse de Marseille, Tanzhaus Zürich, Conservatoire Superior Musique et Danse de Lyon, CESMD de Poitiers, FIB in Benicasim, Institut del teatre in Barcelona, Tanzhaus Köln, DOCH, University of dance and circus, Stockholm, Architanz Studio, Japan, Paluca Schule in Dresden, Graphic Design Akademie, Frankfurt, Codarts, Rotterdam, New Zealand School of Dance.