Floor Barre - (Barre à Terre) with Laurence Chaperon

Dates: every Thursday 8.30 a.m. – 09.30 a.m., small studio
Only by appointment!

Laurence Chaperon is a former ballet dancer in Paris and at the Staatsoper Bonn.
The "Floor Barre", also known as "Barre à Terre" is the ideal way of training the entire body and improving the body posture. All exercises are done in a sitting position and thereby convey a better feeling and understanding for a correct and healthy body posture.

The Group Motion Workshop

Date: Saturday, January 21st 2017, from 20:00 - 22:00h
Price: 20€

Collective Dance Making in the Moment
A Creative Practice
The Group Motion Workshop is a two hour long, non stop guided process of dance/movement improvisation with live music. Based on structures and scores created and developed by Brigitta Herrmann and Manfred Fischbeck as an outgrowth of their work with the Group Motion Dance Company, this Workshop has been created and evolved since 1972. It is being conducted regularly every Friday night in Philadelphia for over forty years and has toured to festivals, dance centers, colleges and schools in the US and other countries such as Japan, Taiwan, Argentina, Germany, France, Poland, Lithuania, Cyprus, Bermuda and Barbados. This tradition is now being implemented and carried on by a Berlin based Group Motion WS Collective, whose members include performing artist and leading Group Motion Workshop facilitator and teacher (since 2010) Laina Fischbeck from Rennes, France, Berlin based teachers Jennifer Mann and Heidi Weiss, as well as musician/composer Geoffrey Armes, who will be leading an ensemble of musicians. No experience is required!!!

The Group Motion Workshop can be utilized as a creative practice on all levels of dance experience and all ages. It serves as a resource for creative and authentic expression through dance, music and movement and sound, transformation and healing. It offers a space for interactivity and communication which is spontaneous, deep and direct, allowing for new channels of creative potential to open. The Group Motion Workshop celebrates the language of movement as a language that anyone can speak and understand. In its most known format, the famous 'Friday Night Workshop', the overlap of dancers and non-dancers and of different ages ads a powerful dimension of mutual learning and exchange of movement information and body/mind/spirit integration. As one observing and participating dancer/choreographer remarked:"You realize how much movement dancers have trained out of their bodies ". The Workshop combines highly refined structures of improvisation, movement meditations, and contact dance with explorations of breath flow, sound, and movement qualities in an interactive exchange with live improvised acoustic and electronic music. These structures are practiced in ways of playing, discovering and experiencing individually and collectively the languages of movement and dance, sound and music. These structures reflect universal patterns of communication found in nature and the human psyche. They have the potential of tapping into archetypal images and visualizations from the collective subconscious rendering forms of spontaneously compositional and choreographic creation. The practice of these dances in the space of creative interaction with music in the moment creates a ritual space of building community. 

Berlin-Zurich Workshop for young dancers ( age 15 - 22)

Price per class 5 Euro

 20th Feb:  Konne – Denis Kuhnert - contemporary – b-boing choreography that a mixture floor work influenced by b-boying influences from contemporary dance. 

21st Feb: Semion Bazavlouk - contemporary - Acro Balance
scientific and physical tools for a safe approach to floorwork, air acrobatics (jumps) and partner acrobatics.It will include basic physics, some anatomy, a bit of strength development, and of course dynamics and momentum. The aim is to teach the students to approach new "unknown" elements and explore new areas while minimizing the risk of injury and widening their awareness of how works.

22ed Feb: Sonia Rodriguez - contemporary - Border
It will be an evolving process: we will put our attention on more complex phrases, combining different energetic qualities and different levels. All this under the inspiring idea “ To cross the border of our borders”. The first objective is working our presence without fear, this will allow us to be honest with our feelings and inspiration, and being able to share it with the group. We will go through our intense physical work to explore bodily experiences and images finding our own strategies to perform.
We will work the perception of the body as layers, with different sensations and emotional states, emphasizes the body ́s natural alignments and movements, between doing and observing the flow of impulses.
We will work different sequences giving our attention in which energy, which space ,  movement dynamic and speed we use in our dance.

23ed Feb: Eugene U-Gin Boateng 

U-Gin Tanzstil is a mixture of "Hip Hop", "Contemporary Dance" and "Krumping"
All these elements can be found in his choreographies and are reminiscent of an individuality that is not often found.
In this class U-Gin presents his dance style and shares his dance and passion with the participants.
- 1.5 hours of dancing with U-Gin Boateng means that the participants learn more than just dancing
- Body control, creativity, strength and freedom play a part in his workshop very important role
- Fun is a factor that is written VERY LARGE, and is guaranteed
- with its entertainment abilities, U-Gin maintains the attendees during it
at the same time
- To warm up comes no one around here. This is the only way to go beyond this workshop
- In his warm up, Hip Hop Basics and Krump Basics are used to get even more familiar with the style