IndYog - Cotemporary & Flying Low Workshop with Narendra Patil

Dates: 22.08. - 24.08.2016
Time: 2.30 p.m. - 5.30 p.m.
Price for 1 class (3 hours): 25 Euro
Price for 3 classes: 60 Euro
Drop in is possible.

IndYog - Cotemporary & Flying Low Workshop
It is a combination of the Indian Classical Dance, Kathak and Contemporary Movement Vocabulary. It has lot of powerful footwork, hand combinations, rhythms and spins. Class starts with Meditative posture and Asanas (Asana is a specific posture which strengthens Mind and Body). After 30 minutes of Yoga session we continue to conditioning the body through Yoga and movement and it includes body toning and Martial arts exercises which are later incorporated into the movement phrase. Playing with momentum, suspension and dynamic floor routines (which combines speed and centrifugal energy). It also combines floor exploration with antigravity falls, recovery, agile partnering and strength based technique which allows the individual to discover organic body rhythms and floor connections. Students can expect to learn certain Indian classical Mudras from the dance form of Kathak & Bharatnatyam which can be incorporated in to the final phrase. Workshop will be focused on - Speed, musicality, strength, moving in the space, rhythm, emotions, different movement vocabulary through Improvisation tools, movement precision and efficiency. Flying Low Technique after more than 8 years as a close follower of David Zambrano, I will share a number of phrases which experiment on the flying low principles.

Description of the Style The flying low classes focus mainly on the dancer's relationship with the floor. The class utilizes simple movement patterns that involve breathing, speed and the release of energy throughout the body in order to activate the relationship between the center and the joints, moving in and out of the ground more efficiently by maintaining a centred state. There is a focus on the skeletal structure that will help improve the dancers physical perception and alertness. The class includes partnering work and movement phrases, which explore the primary laws of physics: cohesion and expansion.

When you are standing, the whole room is standing. When you are moving, the whole room is moving. The body is constantly spiralling, whether running or standing. These spirals help the dancers into the floor and out of the floor. These spirals already exist; the class focuses on finding them. The spirals help the dancer see themselves and the room from all sides. The spirals propel the class all over the room, both on the ground and upright.

Narendra Patil is a professional Dancer, Teacher, Choreographer and Performer from India and a movement specialist in contemporary dance, Flying Low and Improvisation. He has been a Principal Performer, Teacher and Assistant choreographer at Terence Lewis Contemporary Dance Company for 10 years. He has received training in various dance forms from teachers all over the world and has shown his mettle under the likes of David Zambrano, Terence Lewis, Josef-Linda, Peter Jasko, Laura Aris, Suzanne Linke, Anton Lachky, Nakula Somana, Marin Leggat etc. Narendra is the first Indian contemporary dancer who has studied under David Zambrano as a part of a 30 days intensive workshop of "Flying Low" and "Passing Through" technique in Berlin, Germany, where he was selected among 489 dancers from all around the world. This year, he again got selected for EXIN for 30 days Flying Low and Passing Through intensives which is going to be conduct in Madrid, Spain September 2016. Training in all these dance forms, exploring numerous movement possibilities, and finding inspiration and knowledge at various dance festivals, intensive workshops and creations with renowned teachers from all over the world and over the years, he was inspired to create his own dance vocabulary. Narendra is currently working as an independent artist in Europe and India. He has been invited to teach at Deltebre Dansa Festival, Spain; Marameo, Berlin, Germany; Saint Petersburg, Samara, Moscow, Russia; Athens, Greece; and many other professional dance schools in Europe and India. Recently Narendra have been collaborated with Lamprini Gkolia (Greece) who are working together as Performers and Teachers in Europe and in India . They have performed their "CAMOUFLAGE" Duet creation in Greece, Athens , Ioannina and Deltebre Dansa Festival, Spain 2015 and also took their partnering workshops to Greece and India. Performed Improvisation Trio Performance with David Zambrano and Lamprini Gkolia Performed in Athens 2015. Axismundi Jaipur and Geneva Project - Collaborate and performed with Mohemad Toukabri, Tunisia. Rakesh Sukesh, India. and Bolarin Da Costa, Belgium. Art Director - Pol Sinus. The piece has been created during a Pro Helvetia residency in India in 2015 and the premiere took place in Théâtre du Galpon, Geneva for Antigel Festival on 8th of February 2016.


Floor Barre - (Barre à Terre) with Laurence Chaperon

Dates: every Thursday 9.00 a.m. – 10.00 a.m., small studio
Only by appointment!

Laurence Chaperon is a former ballet dancer in Paris and at the Staatsoper Bonn.
The "Floor Barre", also known as "Barre Terre" is the ideal way of training the entire body and improving the body posture. All exercises are done in a sitting position and thereby convey a better feeling and understanding for a correct and healthy body posture.


"Going deeper" with Rakesh Sukesh

Dates: 05.09. - 09.09.2016

The workshop will be divided in 3 parts:
12:00 - 13:30 h contemporary training for dancers with Rakesh Sukesh
14:00 - 16:00 h Going deeper
Informal Showing: Friday 15:00 h

Price: 100 Euro

Pursuit of destination
The workshop takes an intense journey into one's inner world. We tap into the physical, psychological, emotional, mental and spiritual knowledge.
We live in a world where we give priority to the intellectual part of our brain which leads us into an informed society; we take information from books, films, and performances or through the conversations with others. What we talk, perform or share is most of the time recycled information which has been gathered by our five senses. But how much do we know about ourselves, what is our true nature? How much are we aware of it? Do we feel our heartbeat? Do we know how many times we breathe or when a hair from our head is falling? Modern science and mystical science clearly states that we are all made of a universal intelligence. If there is such intelligence inside of us then how can we, as performing artists, go deep into ourselves and try to understand this intelligence and develop ways to be creative with it?
Through series of physical research, exercises, games and analyses, this workshop offers methods for the participants to have an experiential process; we direct our sensory organs inwards to develop a sensitivity to understand our inner world, digging deep into our consciousness, if possible, into the subconscious mind and realm of the unknown to try to have an artistic discovery.

Bio: Rakesh started his career as a Bollywood dancer with a Dance company in kerala- India. During this period he worked in several films as a dancer and assistant choreographer. In 2003 he joined Attakkalari centre for Movement Arts, A contemporary dance company in Bangalore. As a part of the company, Rakesh have performed at various national and international venues, He had the privilege to perform at the Rashtrapati Bhavan, Delhi in 2008 for the presidents of India, South Africa and Brazil. With the company, he has been part of 3 major productions under the direction of ayachandran Palazy (Artistic Director and Choreographer of Attakkalari). As part of the companies training method Rakesh got introduced to a martial art form called Kalaripayatt. Since 2009, Rakesh has been working as an independent artist. Between July and August 2009, he participated in the Apprenticeship Program with Magpie Umbrella Organization under the Direction of Katie Duck (Artistic Director, Teacher and performer) in Amsterdam. After which he has been invited several time to perform with Magpie. Rakesh is developing a contemporary movement method called Payatt INtransit using kalarippayattu and contemporary movement techniques, yoga and Energy works. Rakesh has been invited to teach Payatt INtransit in many prestigious spaces like, Sidi larbi's company, Ultimavez, Impluz Tanz vienna, Deltebre Danza Spain, Tanzfabrik Berlin, Colombo dance factory Zurich, Dancentrumjette Brussels, University of Costa Rica, SEAD Salzburg, Bremen theatre and many more professional dance organisations in Europe and Asia. Since past 5 years Rakesh is working between India and Europe and since 2013 he has been living in Zurich as Swiss resident and works as performer/teacher/choreographer, with many companies and artists.