"ImproTime - Tatort Tanz" mit  Stina Bartels

Wir begeben uns auf eine Suche nach Quellen. Agieren aus Emotionen, reagieren auf körperliche Impulse und Anregungen die bewegend verführen. Verbindend geht diese Suche auf tanztechnische Prinzipien und Bewegungszusammenhänge ein, die die eigene Bewegungsvielfalt bereichert. In diesem Erforschen und Experimentieren werden Abläufe, Bewegungs- und Tanzgestaltungen kreiert. Im Spiel mit Dynamiken, Energien und Kräften, unterstützt durch unterschiedlichste Musik, tanzt du für deine innere und äußere Präsenz.

Neue Termine 2014: 12.01. / 09.02. / 16.03. / 06.04. / 18.05. / 08.06.
Uhrzeit: 17.30 - 20.00 h

Preis: 20 Euro
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Bei Bezahlung bis 2 Wochen vor Workshoptermin 15% Rabatt


"Going deeper" Workshop with Rob Hayden

Dates: 14. - 18. April 2014, 12:00 - 16:00 h
Informal showing on April 18th 15:30 - 16:00 h

The workshop will be divided in 2 parts:

12:00 - 13:30 h
Part 1: Dancers training (open class):

Fight or Flight?
Action and Reaction… Instinct and Intuition… Body Memory vs. Body Wisdom….
This class jumps right into a complex game that focuses on awakening presence, awareness of space and reacting to its constituent elements, openness towards others, flow of associations, core strength and stability. We will improvise here in part to challenge installed habit-patterns and avoidance mechanisms in danger zones. We will then dive into floor-work as a basis for springing into movement and action. Using spatial awareness and sensitivity, we will work with different qualities of speed, lightness, heaviness, softness and pliability, stillness and gravity-centered awareness. We continue upward to higher levels of center, working with precision and organicity essential to the creation of the dance. The approach to this work is like that of a child when it encounters something for the first time…. Always asking the inner question, 'what is that?' Over the course of the week, we will integrate all these elements into a final phrase that builds upon itself each day.

14:00 - 16:00 h
Part 2: Sifting/Going deeper

This workshop focuses on the body as a 'total instrument' capable of what can be called the 'total act'.
In order to access and arrive at such a state, the workshop is designed to gradually unlock the flow of living impulses within the body. By doing so, we allow our attention, intention and awareness to guide our work and flow more naturally.
Specific 'impossible' tasks will be proposed through a series of structured improvisations that will allow one's inner 'obstacles' to become more transparent. Dealing with the element of physical risk or danger, these tasks emphasize our apparent limitations and give us the chance to go beyond them.
We will then work compositionally combining movement, voice and text to develop our own individual 'score' within which we can work. We will focus on the relationships between precision and organicity, awareness of space and one's ability to react to its constituent elements, improvisation within a structure as well as dramaturgical elaboration.
By tapping into our own creative reservoir and harnessing our creative energy in a more present, active and alive manner, the act of creating can then unfold and develop within a more structured or compositional frame.
This workshop is open to both amateur and professional performers, pedagogues and directors. We will, at times, use shoes so bring training sneakers. Maximum amount of participants between 20-25.

Bio Robert Hayden:
USA/BE Actor, dancer, composer, director, choreographer
Born in the US, Robert was a nationally competitive gymnast for 13 years and in 1989 enrolled in the BFA curriculum for theatre and dance at the University of New Mexico. Upon moving to Brussels in 2002, he joined Ultima Vez and for 7 years work as an actor and dancer with them before going on to do his own work. Since then, he has collaborated as a performer and composer with various artists both in Belgium and abroad. His own work combines over 20 years of performance, choreographic and theoretical research and experience into dance, theatre, sound/music, voice and movement. He regularly teaches workshops internationally and is based in Brussels.

Part 1 of the workshop is a prerequisite for Part 2, since the 2 parts will be connected.

Costs: 100 Euros - includes the participation of the open class.
Maximum amount of participants between 20-25.
For all confirmed participants: Please come to the receptiondesk before class starts and leave your name.

Preregistration (till 09.04.2014) for the whole workshop under
100 Euros are to be paid in advance till 09.04.2014 to
Marameo Berlin e.V.
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Workshop with Blenard Azizay

Dates: Sa. 19. & So. 20. April 2014, 15:30 - 18:30 h
Level: Advancde and professional dancers
Costs: 65€ for both days / 35€ for one day
For registration and payment please contact Maya Gomez by mail:

Bio: Blenard was born in Albania. He studied, at the National State School of Greece. His career involves touring and performing in big international dance festivals around the globe. Countries like: Italy, Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Ireland, West Africa, Senegal, Poland, France, Spain, Greece, Germany, Montreal, England, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Mexico, Norway. He is currently working with Akram khan dance company with the itmoi piece.

Workshop description: His workshop is based in different variations of very physical animalistic movements that they come from in and out of his body of different dynamics.
The philosophy and the universe of this workshop is to produce the movements from our emotions, creating, giving directions and orders to our dynamics of our movements from different perspectives in the space. Being three dimensional, when we take risks and decisions, creating and connecting our universe with the people in the room. Changing levels up and down in different rhythms, trusting our bodies when we move and sense from our skin, our bones, our flesh.
When we research and develop different pathways to build our dynamics, our need of moving dividing the air and eating the space. Being present of what we feel, which is our need to move challenging ourselves to be wild like an animal. Being sharp, honest with our movements and active. When we run fast, when we jump high when we slide, when we become neutral, and soft with our expressions and our unique movements until the bones.

- The process of the work that he uses starts in collective, then in duets and individual 
- His work is on the floor, standing and partnering.
- Than he follows with a very physical contemporary phrase that is based from movements of the universe that is created from the beginning of the class