"ImproTime - Tatort Tanz" mit  Stina Bartels

Wir begeben uns auf eine Suche nach Quellen. Agieren aus Emotionen, reagieren auf körperliche Impulse und Anregungen die bewegend verführen. Verbindend geht diese Suche auf tanztechnische Prinzipien und Bewegungszusammenhänge ein, die die eigene Bewegungsvielfalt bereichert. In diesem Erforschen und Experimentieren werden Abläufe, Bewegungs- und Tanzgestaltungen kreiert. Im Spiel mit Dynamiken, Energien und Kräften, unterstützt durch unterschiedlichste Musik, tanzt du für deine innere und äußere Präsenz.

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Uhrzeit: 17.30 - 20.00 h

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"Going deeper" The Instrument with Maya M. Carroll

Dates: 23rd. - 27th. of February 2015 12.00h – 16.00h
The workshop will be divided in 2 parts:
Part 1: 12.00 – 13.30 Dancers training (open class)
Part 2: 14.00 – 16.00 "Going deeper" The Instrument
Part I of the workshop is a prerequisite for Part II, since the 2 parts will be connected.
Informal showing on February 27th 15:00 – 15:30h

Price: 100€ - includes the participation of the open class.
Preregistration and payment (until 16.02.2015) for the whole workshop under:

Workshop Description: The Instrument

Part 1: Dancers training (open class) 12.00 – 13.30h

The Instrument teaching is a physical laboratory, offering a wide and rich practice / experience through the senses, the articulation of movement in time and space and the imagination. The act of 'the body as an instrument' suggests a deep attitude of perception and exploration. In many respects it allows the body and its plural systems to guide us, to live, behave and create in synchronization with our visions, perspectives and intelligence. This is manifested through form, energy, rhythm, touch and resonance. Along our practice we develop awareness, availability for new sensations and a broadening of our physical capacities. Clarity of presence in action is offered in every momentary task, and the importance of pleasure is valued as a professional / performable state. The class is conducted with flexible transitions between physical qualities, expressiveness and attentiveness. While directing of all this information in space and time- we stay dynamic and alive, exposed to social updates, humanness and performance.

Part 2: Going deeper 14.00 – 16.00h

The Instrument workshop is for movers and dancers who wish to engage with dynamic states for instant composition and performance. Every session will be part of a continual process, following on from the class taught beforehand. Starting with the body, we will practice handling physicality and directing it from center to space. Investigating deeper, we will work towards specifying how we carry our physicality in our dancing; how we elaborate feelings, desire, thought – with dance making materials.

One main attention of this workshop will be working within a group – as a collective consciousness. How one stays independent, individuated, intimate – inside a powerful experience of Many. We shall touch upon the singular in order to identify the affinity and natural magnetic-pull towards other / others. Finally, we shall take time for the observation and reflective appreciation of our improvised group configurations with a compositional, choreographic and social mind.

The workshop will end with an informal studio showing on Friday, February 27th at 3pm.
Participants are asked to send Maya a short email with a few lines about their professional background, interest and research. This is not a motivation letter but an introduction, preparing the groundwork for the week. Please write to: and specify your email's subject "Going Deeper".

Maya Matilda Carroll is a choreographer, dancer, teacher, based in Berlin, making independent work since 2004. Her work ranges between set choreography and directed improvisation, evolving from an interplay between reality and fantasy, human conditions and relationships. Working in Germany and Europe she has been making dances and performing her work in state theaters, independent venues and alternative spaces. Her classes and workshops offer an exchange and research vehicle, exploring composition through improvisation and choreography.

In 2011 Maya formed The Instrument; an artistic structure standing for her independent and collaborative work with her partner- composer Roy Carroll. Since 2012 she has been collaborating with director and choreographer Julyen Hamilton.