"ImproTime - Tatort Tanz" mit  Stina Bartels

Wir begeben uns auf eine Suche nach Quellen. Agieren aus Emotionen, reagieren auf körperliche Impulse und Anregungen die bewegend verführen. Verbindend geht diese Suche auf tanztechnische Prinzipien und Bewegungszusammenhänge ein, die die eigene Bewegungsvielfalt bereichert. In diesem Erforschen und Experimentieren werden Abläufe, Bewegungs- und Tanzgestaltungen kreiert. Im Spiel mit Dynamiken, Energien und Kräften, unterstützt durch unterschiedlichste Musik, tanzt du für deine innere und äußere Präsenz.

Termine 2014: 06.04. / 18.05. / 08.06. / 13.07. / 24.08. / 14.09. / 12.10. / 09.11. / 07.12.
Uhrzeit: 17.30 - 20.00 h

Preis: 20 Euro
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Partnering Workshop with Christina Mertzani & Evangelos Poulinas

Dates: 27th - 28th of Septembert 2014, 15.00 - 18.00 h
Costs: 50 €
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Workshop Description:
The partnering class starts with a good warm up of all the joins and the muscles of our body and with exercises to get familiar with our dance partner. Getting familiar with the body of our partner is essential in order to be able later to trust our weight, our self in the hands of an other person. The class progresses with simple exercises of receiving weight and moving as a couple or small groups. And gradually builds up to complex exercises that lead us to the final partnering combination of the class.

Christina Mertzani was born in Qeparo in Albania in 1982. She graduated as a choreographer, dancer and dance teacher in 2004 from the Athens State School of Dance. Since 2005 Christina has been giving classes of modern dance, improvisation, partnering and stretching in various studios. In addition to that, since 2007 she has been giving workshops in Heraklion, Corfu, Athens (Greece), SOZO visions in motion, cie.toula limnaios, Marameo, Staatstheater Osnabrück (Germany), Tanzbüro Basel, Staatstheater St. Gallen (Switzerland). Christina's first choreographic work, the video-dance "without trace", was awarded by the British Council in 2004. Ever since, she has choreographed for V.Void, Arthrosis, Municipal and Regional Theater of Corfu, SOZO visions in motion as well as for theater companies and professional dance schools. As a founding member of eleutheri ptosi, she has presented the pieces ''metamorfosis'' and ''inside'' in Greece, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Spain. Some of the companies Christina has danced for are SMACK, Lathos Kinisi, Ad-Lib, Quissistelar, Amalgama, Ano Teleia, Chorotheatro Roes. She has also danced choreographies by Wim Vandekeybus, Mark Morris and Martha Graham. Since 2010, Christina has been the education administrator for the OneSmallStep urban dance festival. Christina has graduated from the Academia of Ancient Greek and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy. Since 2008 she has attended several seminars that are mainly focus on cure like: massage, rejuvance, nutrition, herbal medicine etc.

Evangelos Poulinas obtained his diploma at the Athens State School of Dance under the direction of Pavlina Veremi. During his education, he performed works of Wim Vandekeybus, Jasmin Vardimon, Konstantinos Rigos, Pascal Rioult, Martha Graham and Jose Limon amongst others. In 2004 Evangelos directed the dance-for-the-camera "without trace", which was awarded at the 3 in 3: Short Digital Film Competition, held by the British Council. Later on, he joined the State Theater of Northern Greece, where he danced for the new creations of Konstantinos Rigos and Nigel Charnock. Evangelos' first choreographic attempt, a site-specific piece performance at an Athenian house, was produced in 2005. In the autumn of the same year, he was in New York obtaining his MFA in dance at the New York University. Whilst in New York, he presented two of his creations at Dance New Amsterdam and The A.W.A.R.D. Show. After completion of his studies, he participated as a ''danceWEBer'' at the Impulstanz festival in Vienna. In 2007 Evangelos joined as a guest the State Theater of Kassel, where he performed choreographies of Johannes Wieland. Next year he joined the Compagnie Linga in Lausanne for the creation of "Kiss Me Good Night". In 2009 Evangelos returned to Kassel for his third guest contract with the State Theater of Kassel. Later that same year, he participated in the Tanzfaktor Interregio 2009 with his piece "male study". In 2010 Evangelos was employed by the Marcel Leemann Physical Dance Theater for the production "Revolver". In the meantime, he was teaching contemporary dance technique and partnering at the SOZO visions in motion (Kassel) and giving workshops in Germany, Greece, Switzerland and Sweden. In 2011 Evangelos returned to Compagnie Linga for the creation "Falling Grace" choreographed by Katarzyna Gdaniec and Marco Cantalupo. In 2012 he reunited with the State Theater of Kassel under the direction of Johannes Wieland for the creation of ''Orpheus''. Evangelos is a co-founder of ''eleutheri ptosi''. Under this company he choreographed the piece ''metamorfosis'', which has been performed in Italy, Spain, Germany and Switzerland. The last two years Evangelos was employed by the State Theater of Oldenburg, as rehearsal director and trainer.