Winterspecial. Body & text: Acting for dancers & perfomers with Javier Alemán 

27., 28., 28.,: 18.00 - 21.00h. Price for three days (9 h): 60 Euro
registration under:
The last day of registration: 16.12.2016

This is a three day workshop total of nine hours, designed to train dancers and performers in the beginning of acting technique, emotional preparation, scene study and speech voice, with a directorial approach to eye-line and emotions, text, and subtext. This acting class is a step-by-step progression of acting exercises that develop the dancer / performer ability to work organically, creating truthful, expressive behavior in acting. The workshop combines stage acting and on camera acting. The second and third day (or third and fourth) of the workshop will be on camera class. Among the subjects covered in this class are auditioning on-camera, acting in a master shot, medium shot and close-up shot, eye-line and emotions. Students will prepare a medium length monologue given by the instructor prior first day of class. Students will performed their texts both on and off camera.

Born in the Spanish island of Tenerife, in 2001 Javier completed his contemporary dance, theater and singing training at P.A.R.T.S (Performing Art Research Training Studies) in Brussels following his choreographic studies at the National Choreography Center in Montpellier, France. In 2003 he was mentioned “New Dancer to Watch” by Ballet Tanz Magazine, Europe’s leading Dance Magazine. Javier worked as a dancer for five years with some of the most relevant dance companies in Germany, such as, Neuer Tanz in the city of Düsseldorf and Two Fish Company in Berlin. He created his own choreographies such as, Uno, sponsored by the Spanish Embassy of Berlin, Three Days Time, sponsored by the National Choreography Center in Montpellier, France, and the choreography Irre, in collaboration with Two Fish Company, sponsored by the cities of Berlin and Vienna.

In 2006 Javier moved to New York City to study acting at the New York Film Academy and later at Susan Batson Studios, which is directed by top acting coach Susan Batson. Film credits include the award winning short film Scrubbing (Prague). Stage credits include Five Kinds of Silence (New York - Milan) Since 2010 Javier has frequently worked as an acting and movement coach both for actors and dance performers. He has directed the National Theatre Award winning play La Charca Inútil by author David Desola premiered early this year in his home town. He now lives and works in the city of Berlin. 

Winterspecial. Dance acrobatics with Jule Förster.

27., 28., 29.12: 15.00 - 17.00h. Price for 3 days: 50 Euro
The last day of the registration: 19.12.16

The class consists out of a playful intro, partner exercises, some technical, acrobatic work and of course a combination of all this in some dance sequences. I am interested in an organic flow of movement: Where does one movement come from and where does it lead me to? Instead of aligning random moves to some sequences and making people do them I give the participants the possibility to explore elements in a set material. My class is also a research for various forms of handstands, rolls, other acrobatic elements as well as their rhythms. We will discover ways to combine and play with them. I always go with the flow of the group and can adapt the level of the class to the participants’ experiences. 
The aim of my class is to make people reach their limits, feel connected to their body through movement and dance without fear or hesitation, using their physicality and full energy.
Let’s train the mobility of our body! 

Jule Förster (*1988) studied theater, media and dance in Hildesheim and Berlin. Her background as artistic gymnast brought her to the interface of acrobatics and performance. Since more than 10 years she acts in different contexts on but also behind the stage. She teaches dance and acrobatics in the circus, dance school and other sociocultural projects. 2012 she founded the performance collective Ponyhof Production in Berlin.

Open contemporary class for dancers with Marion Sparber, 9.12., 14.00 - 15.30h.

Class description:
I teach Contemporary dance training with emphasis on floor work. We start the class by opening our channels of awarness. The warm-up is focused on passing through the whole body and expanding our flexibility and strength. We use the playfullness in our movement to connect to the natural flow of breath. With the help of exercises in different constellations - in a group, with a partner and alone - we listen to the weight of our body and direct it through space. An important aspect of the training is the attention to the momentum in movement and on integrating changes of dynamic and musicality in short movement phrases. As techniques of inspiration for my class I use a lot the principles of Flying Low technique by David Zambrano as well as release technique mixed with my personal investigation. I like to establish a collective mind and body inside the class to enhance the group power giving an energetic push to the individual source of creativity.

Originally from South Tyrol in Italy, Marion is a professional dancer/instructor based in Berlin, Germany. She received her professional dance training at Varium in Barcelona and Iwanson Contemporary Dance School in Munich. As a teacher she has been working in several schools and festivals in Italy, Spain, Costa Rica, Russia, Portugal and Germany a.o at Ballettförderzentrum Nürnberg, Kari-Tanzhaus, Deltebre Dansa, Academy Dancer Russia, Varium Barcelona, Marameo, Dock 11, Etage, Danceworks and Tanzfabrik (Berlin).

Marion has collaborated as a dancer with choreographers and companies such as Stella Zannou in the piece “Strange”, Sonia Rodriguez, performing “Mabel”, ADN-Dialect in the pieces “Zeitzone”, “Urban Shaman and “L’affaire Wettstein”, Eldon Pulak in "The Wetting Party" and as a guestdancer of Wee-dance Company. Her solo-work "The Ripe and ruin" has been performed at several theaters and festivals in Costa Rica, Greece, Spain, Switzerland, Italy and Germany. She is founder of the KpiqA-Collective and performed their duet “Eight” in Spain, Italy, Russia and Germany. Recently Marion got invited as a young emerging choreographer to “Certamen Coreografíco de Madrid, Paso a 2” to present “Eight”.

In 2014 Marion was part of “EX-IN”, a one month intensive workshop with David Zambrano learning Flying Low and Passing Through Technique.