Offenes zeitgenössisches Tänzertraining mit Christos Xyrafakis
4. Oktober 2016 14:00 - 15:30 Uhr
Kostenlose Probestunde
Level: Ausgebildete Tänzer

Bio: Christos graduated from the National School of Dance in Athens and continued his study at the post graduate programme of SEAD Academy in Salzburg as a full scholar of Onassis Foundation. Currently he is working with "As Palavras Company", directed by Claudio Bernardo in Brussels and also with the choreographer Olatz de Andres in Bilbao for their upcoming productions, premiering in Autumn 2016. As a choreographer and teacher he has started to develop his own work and is teaching in several studios along Europe. At the 30 days Flying Low and Passing Through workshop “Ex-in” by David Zambrano, Marion and Christos meet and decided to teach together.

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Class description: In this class, we begin by reestablishing fundamental biomechanics such as walking/running through space. We investigate specifically how and when is the right moment to change direction, accelerate or stop in order to avoid crashing. Instead of crashing, we create a dancing synthesis. In this way, we learn to trust each other whilst coexisting in space, continuing to work together throughout the duration of the class. This work compliments the following section of the class during which we continue with various exercises. Physical tasks, created to support movement exploration, are carried out in both individual and partnering contexts. These tasks enhance the body's ability to coordinate whilst discovering new qualities and mechanisms through movement. To conclude the class, a physical combination will be taught, consisting of the elements that have been worked on earlier in the day.

Offene Jazzklasse mit Ruth Sherman.
5. Oktober 2016, 14.00 - 15.30 Uhr
Kostenlose Probestunde
Level: Anfänger and Mittelstufe

Class description The class will be based on the Giordano Jazz style. Focusing on moving from the center of the body, the class progresses through a flowing warm up, into isolations, including fitness stretching and strengthening. It then incorporates technical exercises focused on style and coordination. We will move across the floor, using the space to create strong and grounded movement, that is at the same time elegant and mature. At the end of class, all elements from warm up culminate in a combination that uses rhythm and style to enjoy the art of Jazz movement.

Bio: Ruth Olga Sherman has been performing professionally all over the world for the past eight years. She received her training in Boston Massachusetts at the Academy of Performing Arts. She participated and won the World Tap Championship award in Berlin in 1995. As well she performed with Savion Glover and Dianne Walker at the Strand Theater in Boston at the age of 12. She was a member of the world renowned Gus Giordano Jazz Dance Company. She taught at Northwestern University and Master classes in Hawaii, Florida, Latvia, Germany, Mexico and Bruges. In Germany she performed with Schindowski Ballet and Sidi Larbi Eastman at the Deutsche Oper.