Stella Zannou  Contemporary Training for Dancers

Bio: Stella Zannou has studied dance and choreography in London College of Dance, London Studio Centre, the American college of Greece (BA) and at the Greek state school of Dance. In 2006 she founded Smack Dance Company, in Athens which has been invited in festivals such as the 5th and 6th Athens International Dance Festival, “Tanzwelten 2009” in Braunschweig, etc. Stella has collaborated with Clint Lutes, Howard Katz, Richard Siegal, Nana Vahla, M.Klien, Yannis Antoniou and Kunststoff, Editta Braun, Thomas Mettler, Apostolia Papadamaki, Xaris Mandafounis, K. Mixos, etc.

She has taught contemporary dance for the State School of Dance, the International Dance Festival of Kalamata, the opening ceremony of Paraolympic games, Artiria, DOCK 11 - Berlin, Dance Cultural Centre, etc. She is currently living and working in Berlin.

Class Description: This contemporary class demands a lot of energy and physicality. Influences are found from different dance techniques as well as from martial arts. Many acrobatics and hand stands will be found but without being the main goal of the class. The floor work is of great importance but we will also fearlessly move into space "off floor", exploring new or at least unfamiliar movement patterns.

The basic aim of my class is to make dancers reach their limits, express themselves and dance without fear and hesitation, using their physicality and full energy.

Videoausschnitte aus dem zeitgenössischen Tänzertraining von Stella Zannou
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