Romain Guion  Zeitgenössisches Tänzertraining

Bio: Born in France in 1979, Romain studied at the Conservatoire Supérieur de Danse in Paris for four years before joining the Belgian company Charleroi-Danses directed by Fr. Flamand. Two years later, he moved to Dublin and worked with the John Scotts Irish Modern Dance Theatre and Dance Theatre of Ireland.

From 2000 to 2004, while member of Diversions, the national dance company of Wales, Romain had the opportunity to work with numerous choreographers such as Zvi Gotheiner, Toni Mira and Tomi Kitti and he also created four pieces for the choreographic platforms of the company. After one year break spent in Asia, India and Nepal, traveling and studying Yoga and Kalaripayattu, Romain came back to the performing arts joining the Gelabert-Azzopardi companya de dansa inBarcelona in 2005.

In 2007, Romain started his freelance career and has since worked in Korea with Eun Me Ahn dance company, in Freiburg with the Stadttheater- PVC ensemble and in Köln with Movingtheatre. Romain has been teaching contemporary and yoga since 2000.

Class Description: The class includes elements of Release, Cunningham techniques and Yogic philosophy in order to focus on body/mind awareness, breath control and energy. Dynamic and technical, the class stimulates the cardiovascular system by combining floor,resistance work and stamina exercises. Focus is also placed on the anatomy of movement (specially connection head/sacrum) and on body in space.

Motto: Through structured contemporary class, dancers are invited to find power, energy and quality of movements in relaxation.

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