Michael Löhr  Contemporary Training for Dancers

Bio: michael löhr studied contemporary dance at the cologne university of music and dance. he subsequently received a scholarship to visit the annual summer academy in kyoto, japan. he joined germany's tanztheater bielefeld and nordwest | tanzcompagnie oldenburg where he worked with rami be'er, shlomi bitton, ingun bjørnsgaard, lionel hoche, jan pusch, jo strømgren, guy weizman & roni haver and gregor zöllig. michael decided to move to berlin in 2009 in order to start working as a freelance dancer, choreographer and teacher. next to creating his own work, he has been involved in various projects including collaborations with ahn eun-me company, alessandra corti, clint lutes, emanuel gat dance, walter bickmann and has performed at numerous dance festivals across europe, asia, north- and southamerica. 

in addition, he works as choreographic assistant of emanuel gat and is regularly teaching contemporary dance classes for institutions such as cedar lake contemporary ballet, cie. amala dianor, dock 11, marameo, pvc tanz freiburg, tanzfabrik berlin and tanzhaus nrw.

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Class Description: my class develops from plain and pure body-work / work-out exercises, through short floor- andstanding combinations into more complex choreographic sequences. some of the basic principles which are constantly worked with are: finding, strengthening and shifting the center, being on and offbalance, resting and exploding into space, moving expansively and taking risks. the class is very physical, energetic and athletic but it also focuses on increasing the physical awareness in order to work within a frame in which one can push his individual limits but keep the body safe. i want to encourage the participants to take their own decisions, so they can find their own way of playing withquality, musicality and dynamics and strenghten their individual expression as a performer.

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