Marcela Giesche  Contemporary Training for Dancers

Class Description: The class consists of a combination of dynamic release techniques and floor work intertwined with improvisational elements designed to open and expand the possibilities of the performer. Continuous movement flow, partner-work, improvisation, awareness of musicality, and the use of imagery are used to bring the dancer into a state where the class becomes a journey while thoroughly warming up the physical body. Rather than focusing on specific body forms, Marcela’s techniques work on finding clear geometric energy patterns running through the mind, body, and space, which drive the movement with momentum. A sweeping movement phrase is what finally brings the elements of technique, performance, and improvisation together in a full bodied personal expression.

Bio: Marcela Giesche (US/DE) is a freelance artist currently based in Berlin, Germany. She studied dance and choreography at the Rotterdamse Dansacademie and The Ohio State University where she received her BFA. She has received numerous scholarships including participation in the danceweb 2010 at Impulstanz. Marcela has danced for Bianca Van Dillen and Beppie Blankert in the Netherlands, with Neuer Tanz / VA Wölfl, and Canan Erek in Germany, and for the Italian company Deja Donne. She has taught and presented her work in the USA, Canada, and across Europe. In the past three years she has been working extensively with Bruno Caverna as a dancer, teacher, and choreographer. She has also been developing her own research in movement improvisation with strong focus on partnering, musicality, and spatial/energetic awareness. Playing in the fertile crossing ground between dance on stage and movement/improvisation in the street continues to inform and inspire her creative work and life. Dance is what happens when we let our imagination run away with our bodies!

Gastdozenten  Klassisches Tänzertraining

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10.10. - 16.10.2016  Maria Nitsche
17.10. - 23.10.2016  Hervé Palito
24.10. - 30.10.2016  Chandana M. Hörmann

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