Jo Siska  Classical Training for Dancers

Bio: Jo Siska studied dance with Heinz Clauss at Staatstheater Stuttgart, Anne Wooliams at Victorian Arts College in Melbourne, and David Howard in New York.

Class Description: His dance classes have a strong affinity to David Howard’s approach after having worked with him for many years. In the class he combines traditional dance vocabulary with the height of state-of-the-art scientific knowledge, dynamically and rhythmically linking dance sequences in a way that targets visible and palpable flow in movement. This harmony of motion is essential for relaxation so that it effectively facilitates the prevention of injury. Contemporary dancers, too, can immensely profit from Jo’s training.

Guest teachers  Classical Training for Dancers

13.04. - 26.04.2015  Paul Estabrook

Guest teachers  Contemporary Training for Dancers

24.11. - 28.11.2014  Evangelos Poulinas
29.11. & 30.11.2014  Michael Langeneckert

01.12. - 05.12.2014  Heidi Weiss
06.12. & 07.12.2014  Michael Langeneckert

08.12. - 12.12.2014  Chris de Feyter
13.12. & 14.12.2014  Jakob Yaw

15.12. - 19.12.2014  Chris de Feyter
21.12. & 22.12.2014  Jakob Yaw