Jarek Cemerek  Zeitgenössisches Tänzertraining

Bio: He studied dance at the Conservatory in Ostrava, choreography and dance pedagogy at The Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, short term study of choreography at The Theatre Academy in Helsinki. Artistic career began as a dancer at The National Theatre in Ostrava, after he moved to Prague and danced with Laterna Magica and the State Opera. Then he danced in The Bratislava Dance Theatre in La Terra Nuova (Italy), Tanztheaterwien (Vienna), Thor (Brusel), Willy Dorner (Vienna), in The Dance Theatre of Ireland, Stadttheater Bern (Switzerland) and at The Royal Opera House (London). In 2009 he co-founded Albamora contemporary dance company in Denmark.

As a teacher he worked in many dance companies and dance festivals, at The Juilliard School in New York, The Sadler´s Wells Theatre in London, The Palucca Schule Dresden (Germany), The Theatre Academy in Helsinki (Finland), Stadttheater Bern (Switzerland), Jayne Persch School (USA), at The Royal Ballet School in Holstebro (Denmark), cie. Willy Dorner (Austria), Iwanson School in Munich (Germany), in Los Angeles and Long Beach USA. In the Czech republic he teaches ballet, modern dance, jazz dance and Pilates in the studio Dance Perfect Prague.

Class Description: Contemporary Dance Class
This class aims to encourage a sense of body awareness and efficiency as well as physical articulation. It will start with simple exercises on the floor to build strength and to form a good foundation in order to get the body ready for the day. Special emphasis will be made on healthy body mechanics, efficient use of weight, falls to the floor, jumps etc.
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